• Who is responsible for choosing the investment options for participants?

    The Colorado SecureSavings Board in the Colorado Department of the Treasury is responsible for making decisions about the investment options available to participants of the program.

  • Why does a program like this exist?

    The retirement savings crisis is a serious problem in the United States. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans are concerned that they don’t have enough money for retirement.1 In Colorado alone, nearly 940,000 workers don’t have access to a qualified retirement savings plan at work, and the State moved...

  • Why does the program include an auto escalation of contributions?

    Colorado SecureSavings aims to improve access to retirement savings accounts for workers and improve outcomes when it comes time to retire. A savings rate of 5% is a good place to start, but employees may need to save more than 5% over time to achieve financial security in retirement. Research...

  • Why don’t Colorado SecureSavings contributions show up on my W2?

    Colorado SecureSavings acts as a payroll deduction IRA, not a retirement plan as defined for the W2, so you won’t see your contributions reflected on your W2. Your IRA trustee will file Form 5498 IRA Contributions Information with the IRS, and you will receive a copy no later than May 31. You do...

  • Why isn’t there a national program like this?

    While Congress has not passed legislation for a nationwide program, several states, including Colorado, are establishing their own retirement savings programs to help workers save now.

  • Will my money be pooled with money from other city, state, or federal programs?

    It will not. Your money is yours and does not belong to anyone else. During the time you participate in the Colorado SecureSavings retirement savings program, your money will be pooled with other Colorado SecureSavings participants and invested only in the Investment Options for this program. You...

  • Will services be available in other languages?

    Yes, the call center will offer assistance in English and Spanish and will have access to translation services for other languages. Certain program information and materials will also be available in Spanish.

  • Withdrawal Request Form

  • Withdrawals

    Can I withdraw my money? The simple answer: yes. But what funds you’re withdrawing, when you’re withdrawing them, and why will affect whether you’ll have to face any taxes or penalties. That said, if you do need to take money from your account, you can simply make a withdrawal. Your Colorado...