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  • What is auto escalation?

    Auto escalation is a default feature of the Colorado SecureSavings retirement savings program. Your contribution amount will increase by 1% in January of each year until a maximum of 8% is reached. You can opt out of auto escalation at any time.

  • What is considered to be a qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plan?

    An employer-sponsored retirement plan includes a plan qualified under Internal Revenue Code sections 401(a) (including a 401(k) plan), qualified annuity plan under section 403(a), tax-sheltered annuity plan under section 403(b), Simplified Employee Pension plan under section 408(k), a SIMPLE IRA...

  • What is Form IRS Form 5498?

    If you make a contribution to your IRA, IRS Form 5498 is a tax form that you will receive. This form details all of the contributions you made throughout the tax year to your account. The 5498 tax form reports Roth and traditional IRA contributions. To ensure that you properly handle matters on...

  • What is the default contribution rate?

    The default contribution is 5% of your gross income (which is the total amount you make in your paycheck before any taxes or deductions are taken out). You can choose to save more, or less, in 1% increments.

  • What is the IRS Form 1099-R form?

    If you make a withdrawal from your IRA, you will receive IRS Form 1099-R, which is a tax form that details all of the withdrawals you made throughout the tax year from your account. If you take money out of your retirement account for any reason, you’ll get Form 1099-R. A 1099-R form is called the...

  • What is the Target Retirement Date option?

    A Target Retirement Date option is an age-based investment option designed to help manage investment risk and is based on two factors: an investor’s current age and approximate estimated retirement date. This type of option includes a mix of investments — stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents — that...

  • What steps are taken to keep my account safe from cyber threats?

    Colorado SecureSavings has processes in place to protect the security of accounts and protect your personal information. Our program administrator utilizes reasonable security technologies to protect sensitive information in accordance with industry and regulatory standards, which may include...

  • What to do with IRS Form 5498?

    This document does not need to be filed with your taxes. Once you obtain Tax Form 5498, keep it for your records.

  • What type of bank accounts can I add to my account?

    You can connect a checking or savings account. These types of accounts use Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, which are a fast and efficient way to electronically move funds from one account to another.

  • What was the legislation that created Colorado SecureSavings?

    In 2019, the Colorado Legislature enacted SB20-200, which authorized the Colorado SecureSavings Board, the authority responsible for creating Colorado SecureSavings.