Help your employees save for the future

Colorado SecureSavings can help your business and employees thrive

Colorado SecureSavings is Colorado’s new state-sponsored retirement savings program. This program will give businesses like yours an easy way to help employees save for the future, and it benefits you, too. What’s more, it’s voluntary for employees — they can stay automatically enrolled or opt out and re-enroll later.

Our Pilot Program is due to launch this October. We already have enough Pilot participants, but the official launch of the Colorado SecureSavings Program will open in early 2023. That is when every Colorado employer with five or more employees will need to facilitate the program if they don’t already offer their own tax-qualified retirement plan.

Colorado will be enforcing enrollment across the state in a series of waves based on a business’s number of employees. Enrollment deadlines for each wave will be posted later this year.

Colorado SecureSavings can work for you

Retirement savings programs can help attract and retain employees, increase productivity, and reduce employee stress.1

Program benefits

Here’s how Colorado SecureSavings benefits you as an employer:

  • It’s FREE to facilitate.

  • It’s easy to set up: No complex administration and minimal ongoing responsibilities.

  • It lets you focus on your business, with easy integration with your payroll process.

  • It’s a valuable benefit to attract and retain employees by giving them a simple and secure way to save through automatic payroll contributions into a Roth IRA.

  • You have no fiduciary responsibility, meaning you are not responsible for the investment decisions or outcomes of any employee that participates in the program.

  • You are not required to match contributions.

We’ve made joining and facilitating the program easy

When it’s time to enroll, you’ll see how Colorado SecureSavings is easy to set up and requires only light account maintenance. The process takes just three quick steps. We’ll take care of the rest, at no cost to you.



Register your business using the unique Access Code that will be sent to you.



Upload payroll and employee info to the system and submit your employees’ savings contributions levels. You can even invite your payroll representatives or a delegate to help you facilitate this process.



Keep your employee records up to date. This includes submitting your payroll details every pay period and keeping your employees’ payroll contributions and staff list up to date.

Which employers are required to participate in the program?

Employers with five or more employees (who have worked for you for at least 180 days), have been in business for two or more years, and who do not currently offer a retirement savings program to any employees, can register when the program officially launches in 2023.

As an employer participating in Colorado SecureSavings, am I allowed to match my employees’ contributions?

No employer contribution is permitted in the Colorado SecureSavings Program.

Want more info to go?

Read our Employer Fact Sheet.

Already offer a tax-qualified retirement savings plan?

It’s great that you’re taking steps to help your employees save for retirement! You can simply certify your exemption from the program using the Access Code that will be sent to you.